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New Logo and Packaging for Nature's Bakery. Crack a Smile. New Logo .... New Logo and Identity for VIP (Luggage) by Lopez Design. New Logo and Identity ...

By Editorial Category

A Logos setup comes in all shapes and sizes, from minimalist to a spread that looks more like one from War Games. It could be on a small desk tucked abroad in a corner of the church office or in the middle of your family room. Any way you look at it, the best Logos command station is the one that works best for you. [Read more…]


4 days ago ... The Logos Bible Software Blog. ... A Logos setup comes in all shapes and sizes, from minimalist to a spread that looks more like one from War ...

The Scarlett Letter: A Pastille

This blog by distinguished graphic artist and book author David Airey covers matters related to the design of logos and cast identities. On this blog, you’ll find a broad variety of posts, including a discussion of thought-provoking ideas like "do acceptable logos need to look good?" and also helpful tips on how to price your logos. If you enjoy Airey’s writing, head over to his other blogs, and Identity Designed, as well as buy his book on logo design.

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Logo Design Love blog. This blog by distinguished graphic designer and book author David Airey covers matters related to the design of logos and brand ...

Totes Adorbs yet Totes Horrifs

Today’s blog focuses on one that’s almost hidden, but nonetheless can assist us as we’re alive with specific Bible verses. Succinctly stated, we can now book or export filtered Bible text. [Read more…]

Logo designer free

Running Around in Ovals

Some were hiding in the abysmal recesses of my external hard drive. Others were lodged in my Sent folder. One never even made it there—I begin it as a half-finished draft that I must’ve printed and finished on paper.  [Read more…]

Logo design

Too Many Puns, Can’t Compute

A friend of mine in Cambridge offered to work in a prison as a chaplain and found that prisoners were actual receptive to the gospel. Of course, many were just as resistant as they were outside, but others were much more open. They didn’t need acceptable that something was wrong with their lives, and they had plenty of time to think about the good news he shared with them. After some time, a significant number of people had become Christians, and the prison governor offered him a full-time paid post because he needed fewer guards in the wing he’d been alive in.

Logo design free

A Feather in your Cap

When I first apprehend the sample headlines, i.e. “Chicago Bulls Logo NSFW”, I thought “Really? C’mon” and then I apprehend the caption, “If you about-face the Chicago bulls logo upside down it’s a robot accepting sex with a crab” and now I can’t about-face back time.


From Seachange and Jay Liu

The respected Word Biblical Commentary (WBC) series (61 vols.) is 40% off this month. It’s one of the most absolute and well-loved series, and back you look at the accomplished series, it’s easy to see why.

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